What is Thumbpics?


Thumbpics is a simple tool to help identify missing thumbnail (also known as poster art) images associated with movie or music files stored on a device. This could be a USB stick or external hard drive, we also can have network storage devices that support DLNA media streaming, this is who Thumbpics has been designed for.

There is a trend to everything online, but some of us still prefer to guarantee quality of playback in terms of a guaranteed delivery or quality of sound and image. Also I recognise people want to keep things simple and if they can avoid adding yet another device to the clutter in the lounge or media room all the better. Adding a media server is not necessary if you have a TV with DLNA support.

Above: USB drives are the easiest way to play back stored media on your TV, it also allows you to control the quality of your experience.

Some people have storage these devices attached to their TVs that have their collection of music or movies on them and would like to see poster art displayed on the TV helping identify the file quickly.

On my USB stick above, I have placed some example files, you can see there are no poster files, these are typically exactly the same name as the media file but with a “.jpg” extension.

Most modern TVs have a service called DNLA to access these files. Unlike some other services this doesn't automatically retrieve this art work and leaves them blank on your TV.

So when plug in my USB drive I select it for play back, most TV’s will display a message like mine...

...you will see your files displayed like this...

With the USB drive connected to my computer, I launch Thumbpics and browse the drive. Thumbpics automatically identifies the files that are missing their poser art like this...

Below:  I double click the missing thumb to edit it and load a suitable poster image. These can be sourced from the internet or your local drive.

Below: I resize the image using the proportional option, and select a overlay, these overlays can be customised or added to.

Below: Saving my new thumb, I now see that the movie has an associated image, and I repeat this for all my files.

Above: Note in the bottom right hand corner that you can also create a default thumb for the whole folder or device you are browsing, this is useful for doing album covers for a music folder or may be a TV Series. This is displayed if a file is missing a thumb.

Now that I have my movie posters ready, when I connect my USB Drive to the TV, it now displays my posters like this...

Thumbpics is available for both Mac OSX and Windows.


Please note that some TVs do not support thumbs via directly connected storage devices, but only through a streaming server.

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